Getting out of KL

The funny thing is… Just a moments ago I posted this writing on why I’ve choose KL as my going abroad destination. And yet, now I’m writing that I’m going out of KL. A bit ironic.. But the truth is, I have written that post since so long and I’ve completely forgotten that I have that post. So today I posted it, and after that, I’m writing this.

Yes! That’s correct. I’m leaving KL. For good but not forever. I’ll visit this lovely city for holiday in the future InsyaAllah. Especially when they finally finish the development of their MRT. And… this is the one I’ve been waiting since the first time I came here… Fox movie theme park in Genting Highland. So unfortunate for me that they are renovating the whole time I live here.

There are so many reason why I’ve decided to leave KL. And most of the reasons are personal. But I can say that I got a job in Jakarta that has better/equal offer. And the challenge is interresting. So yeah, I’ll take it.

Deep down inside it is very hard for me to leave this city. For the goodness and badness that this city gave me, it’s still better than Jakarta in so many ways. Maybe these 20 months of my stay in KL has been the most comfortable living I have experienced.

I have witness this city grows. From the old LRT trains that sometimes got smoke coming from underneath the train, forced me to get off the train and wait for another one to come.. And now they have new trains. I have watched this overpass from it’s early construction untill it’s fully function. And there’s this mall that when I came it’s still under construction, now it’s opened and became the mall that I visited most.

So many memories. So many good culinary experience. And I got two months to get my final experiences in KL. And I have already planned to re-visit those places once more and documented it. But first thing first, I’m gonna visit the place I haven’t been able to visit but I’ve always wanted to. Starting this weekend. Putrajaya!

* oh yea.. I’ll post those places in my instagram (whorip2). See you there.. 🙂

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