Merantau ( going abroad )

Hi there.. It’s been a while now… But I’m finally here.. Again.. With something I always wanted to write..

So here it is.. It was all begun in 2013.. Back then, I had a resolution.. It was a huge resolution.. Well, at least for me it was huge.. That resolution was : “working abroad”.. Yeah, working outside of Indonesia was my resolution.. Why did I have it? It’s because I was visiting malaysia for 3 days with my wife on a holiday.. It was the first time that my wife and I had a holiday together without the kids.. And we loved it.. We love everything about the city.. The experience.. EVERYTHING!!

So my wife and I started dreaming about this possibility for us, me and my family, to start living outside of Indonesia.. And we like KL.. It’s like Jakarta but with so much better infrastructure.. But deep down, I always wanted to work in europe.. Especially Germany.. But I haven’t found any luck working there.. So I started looking for a job in Singapore and KL.. Well, both of them are close to Indonesia, and the ticket price if we wanted to visit Indonesia again is not as expensive as if we are in Europe.. So I started looking, applying here and there.. And I got no luck at all.. 

I was dissapointed at first.. But I believe that Allah has His plans.. And back then, it was not part of his plan to make me leave Indonesia.. And I forgot about my resolution..

Two years after.. We go back to KL to meet a relative who was also just moved in to KL.. We talked about their experience.. And it was very nice.. Suddenly, my desire to work abroad appear again.. So I started looking again.. And this time I got lucky.. I got a job in KL.. Well for now i’m still waiting for my work permit.. Hope that I’ll get it soon.. But the most important thing is, I’m here.. Away from my Indonesia..

All I can say right now is, see you soon my beloved country.. It’s been a love and hate relationship.. But you are still my homeland.. And I’ll come back to you someday..

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