Be Nice When You’re Leaving Your Company

Been a long time since I left this blog cliche as an opener for this post. But this time I really feel like I wanted to write. Not to share my feelings, but to give you something to consider. But hey, most of this writings is based on my feelings though. And I’m sorry if I get lost on complaining things in this post.

It all started when I join this soon to be giant company about a year ago. Leaving my comfy, cozy, friendly company behind to pursue a greater income. Yes! The only reason why I left my previous company is only because of the benefits and salary. At first, it was a struggle, but then as times goes by, I’ve started to find my comfort zone and adapt very well here. I even started to think that I should’ve had a creed here.

But as life goes on, that comfort zone started to get disturbed. A new responsibility comes and it’s actually something that I’ve been avoiding. And the new responsibility is handling a 24 hour publicly online website. It’s a fact that I joined my previous company coz I wanted to be involved in a big website that most people can see. And when I finally my project was launched, I felt the euphoria. But after I leave I just felt that I don’t wanna have that responsibility again. But fate has lead me to engage with that responsibility again.

It’s not a big deal. It was never a big deal. The only deal is that the website is not initially built by me. Someone else built it and someone else touch it, so it becomes very awful in so many ways. My first job is to clean it up, make it well structured, and I’m gladly accept that challenge. And then the bad news comes. The developer who is actually responsible for the existing website resign. And he created a lot of problems with this website. Probably as an act of revenge. I absolutely have no idea why the hell is he doing it.

For a start, he remove some of the scripts and features that he had created. So I have to rebuild, dug in to the backup files, just to reactivate the feature again. And this dude doesn’t stop there. He change the passwords for most accounts that still active. This is our fault actually. We should have change the passwords as soon as he left us. But we postpone it for some reasons. And every week, we managed to find something that this guy did to ruin our business.

I’m not mad. But I am truly feel irritated. If you leave, please leave in a nice way. Don’t cause any problems for the company that you left behind. Even if the company is not treating you well. Or you have some personal issues with your company. Whatever that is, please be a truly professional when you leave your company. Finish your last tasks properly, and most importantly, do not change or remove what you have done for your company. Just leave. Don’t cause us problems. By your leaving, we already have problems.

But anyway. It’s your life. You can do whatever you want in your life. We could’ve act to ask your responsibility for all the problems that you gave. But we choose not to. Coz we’re the good guys. We’re still able to fix the mess that you gave. But never underestimate the power of connections. One bad word from us about you, your future will be not so bright as you thought it will be.

As my final words. I just wanted to say, “You’re an a**hole you know that!”. Cheers!


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